Bench stories

Chatham, St. Mary’s Island – Selina Mitri

My sister came to visit me in Chatham and we spent the entire day walking around St. Mary’s Island. The weather was perfect. We had so much fun. We came across these stone benches by the water, and tried to take photos of the old couple without looking like stalkers.

Submitted by Selina Mitri

Submitted by Selina Mitri

Then we took silly pictures on another bench. (This is the least silly one)

Submitted by Selina Mitri

Then we strolled around and found more interesting benches.  If you are ever in St. Mary’s island, make sure you have the fish and chips at Ship & Trade. THE BEST!

Submitted by Selina Mitri

Anonymous – Tree Bench

Sequoia is mind-blowing. Just when you think you’ve seen the biggest tree, another shows up that is bigger.

It is difficult to capture the true scale of these trees. Without a reference point, they just look like trees.

Here is my favorite photo from the trip through Sequoia. This woman just seemed awed by General Sherman (the tree/biggest living thing on Earth.) – Dave Simon

This photo belongs to Dave Simon


Hachem Ghandour – Crans Montana

Zayan and banati at a bench in Crans Montana village.

Submitted by Hachem Ghandour

Maldives – Dina Valrani

My munchkin on a bench! We took these while on holiday in the Maldives.

Submitted by Dina Valrani

Submitted by Dina Valrani

Submitted by Dina Valrani

Submitted by Dina Valrani

Submitted by Dina Valrani

Submitted by Dina Valrani

Submitted by Dina Valrani

Dubai – Michelle Baker

Just chillin outside S*uce

Submitted by Michelle Baker

Saint Tropez – Joumana Haj Ali

“Taking a break”

We were going up to the Citadel in Saint Tropez and stopped to rest.

Submitted by Joumana Haj Ali

Paris – Coco de Colette

I am in Paris for fashion week, and after a long day of trade shows, fashion shows and show rooms, all I want to do is rest my little feet.

Paris is so beautiful at night, wherever you are. But it is especially beautiful when viewed from a Parisian bench.

Submitted by Coco de Colette

Submitted by Coco de Colette

Stratford Upon Avon- Nicola Clements

My Wedding bench

The building is a Neo-Gothic Mansion set in 40 aches of land with the river Stour running through. Actually it’s the most haunted residence in the UK… I didn’t  find this out until after we booked the wedding! Incredibley romantic and picturesque with stunning views.

The benches are old and weathered. 

They seem to blend into the scenery naturally and see the seasons come and go and many weddings alike. So they hold a lot of nostalgia and sentiment.


Submitted by Nicola Clements


Submitted by Nicola Clements

Pakistan – Falak Husain

This bench is from a traditional Pakistani bridal shower. With everything happening in the world around us, i look at this bench for the bride full of colour, hope, love and culture for inspiration.

It reminds me of an old Urdu saying by Sahib Qizilbash from 1958, ‘All over the world there is a dying of lamps; Ignite your heart, for the light fails.’

Submitted by Falak Husain

Submitted by Falak Husain

Submitted by Falak Husain

Lebanon – Lara Hajj


Here’s a quick cure for indifference:
Tunisian turquoise-painted window?

Egyptian-style wooden bench?
Palestinian hand-embroidered upholstery?
These lands of ongoing revolutions meet by luck & destiny in my atelier, TANTANA.

A destiny at the crossroads of peace & war: Beirut.
In today’s world where everything is globalized & uniform, TANTANA stands out!

It is a marriage of cultural creativity & contemporary style, executed with extreme attention to quality.

I found my bench, I fell in love..

Submitted by Lara Hajj

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About the s*uce benches project

Every year s*uce launches an initiative that gets people thinking about the kind of love that transcends flowers, diamonds, chocolates and candy. (Though those are by all means very lovely and extremely important things).

A few years ago we thought about how Trees Need Love Too, and launched a green campaign (unleashing the tree huggers within), and last year we suggested 10 ways to Unlock Your heart.

This year, we urge you to Find a bench. Fall in love.

While other cities around the world celebrate the stories told, the lives lived and the moments shared on benches, we hope to eventually increase the number of benches in our city so that someday we too can tell the stories that have unfolded upon them.

Sometimes you don’t need a restaurant or coffee shop, you just need a bench.

And so we invite you, the community, to contribute and join in the conversation by sharing the photos, images stories and thoughts that inspire you!

Please email all your bench moments, thoughts, photos, designs and/or stories to and we will upload them.

We want to hear all your thoughts.  This initiative is as big as you make it!

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