Bench marks

NYC – Metrocard Bench

Not the prettiest bench in the world, but at least it’s different!

Submitted by: @designforransom

Submitted by: @designforransom

Submitted by: @designforransom

Kuwait- Noura

This is my design of a bench, made specialy for the kuwait center of autism to celebrate the international day of autism :)

Submitted by Noura Al Noury

Carpet Bench – Katrina Weber

While googling an artist I adore (Latifa Echakhch), I somehow was directed to a random carpet bench page ……

Is the internet trying to make some orientalist connection (she’s moroccan/french)?  I dont know but the bench is pretty darn cool. Here are a few choice carpet benches …

s*uce bench

We customized the s*uce bench by substituting some of the wood with neon plexi panels.

Fashion is what you make it.   Customize everything you wear and make it your own.

Then LOVE it without hesitation.

Bench designed by Zayan Ghandour for s*uce

Bench designed by Zayan Ghandour for s*uce

Bench designed by Zayan Ghandour for s*uce

You can sit on the s*uce bench at DIFC.

Khalid Shafar bench

In my interpretation, I strived to achieve the equation of ‘3 equals 9’.  I wanted this 3-seater bench to share its moments with more than 3, with a simple move or flip.

This bench can welcome 9 people at a time and is multifunctional. You can lay down to read and take a nap if placed in a park or you can table dine if placed in a mall or  on the beach. A touch of Gold  was added to reflect Dubai ‘The City of Gold’ and to enhance the aesthetic look of the bench with a metallic finish and contemporary twist.

Bench designed by Khalid Shafar

Bench designed by Khalid Shafar

Bench designed by Khalid Shafar

Bench designed by Khalid Shafar

Bench designed by Khalid Shafar

You can sit on Khalid Shafar’s bench at Art Dubai.

Maria Dowlatshahi bench

My bench was inspired by the Peacock, which throughout history has been associated with so much symbolism: protection, guidance, integrity, and beauty to list just a few.

On the bench I have written, “Welcome back to my bench” which to me really is a means of welcoming myself back to myself,  by just sitting and  enjoying the moment.

Bench designed by Maria Dowlatshahi

Bench designed by Maria Dowlatshahi

You can sit on Maria Dowlatshahi’s bench in DIFC.

Mobius-Studio bench

We chose the Koufi script to reflect the universal yet arabesque environment that is Dubai. We digitally formed  a 3-dimensional Koufi script that reads “أهلاً وسهلاً   تفضل”, meaning: welcome please come in.

Then we used the print out of the digital file to cut out the words and use the sheet for stenciling the words onto the bench using spray paint.

The final outcome is a bench that adheres to the local Arabic yet international grid based script.

Bench designed by Mobius-Studio

Bench designed by Mobius-Studio

Bench designed by Mobius-Studio

You can sit on the Mobius-Studio bench at Art Dubai.

Fathima Mohiuddin bench

I’ve covered this bench

In the marks I use to make things mine

It’s a sort of shadow, in negative.

Bench designed by Fathima Mohiuddin

Bench designed by Fathima Mohiuddin

You can sit on Fathima Mohiuddin’s bench just outside Ayyam Gallery in Al Serkal Avenue.

Mohammed Hindash bench

I’ve been really into tropical sunset colours lately so that was my starting point.  I also like stripes because of their simplicity, and the fact that they can look both modern and retro.

The black ties everything together, I love it.  It makes the colors appear more vibrant and gives it a sharp sleek edge.

Bench designed by Mohammed Hindash

Bench designed by Mohammed Hindash

Bench designed by Mohammed Hindash

You can sit on Mohammed Hindash’s bench in Al Bastakiya as part of the Sikka Art Fair.

Nadine Kanso bench

The photo on the bench was taken in 2006 while shooting Zayan at her house for my first body of work in photography, later shown at the V&A as part of a group show called ARABIZE ME.  It is a reference to many points  in the start of a successful journey: the first solo show at B21 gallery, the birth of Bil Arabi brand, the connection with Zayan who is not only a friend but a great supporter of designers in the Arab world and beyond.

We had sat down and chatted over a cup of arabic coffee (shown on the right of the bench), which is why I added words in Arabic like: Tell me , Talk to me underneath.

People should always sit down, talk and share stories, ideas and may be a kiss!

Bench designed by Nadine Kanso

You can sit on Nadine Kanso’s bench at DIFC.

About the s*uce benches project

Every year s*uce launches an initiative that gets people thinking about the kind of love that transcends flowers, diamonds, chocolates and candy. (Though those are by all means very lovely and extremely important things).

A few years ago we thought about how Trees Need Love Too, and launched a green campaign (unleashing the tree huggers within), and last year we suggested 10 ways to Unlock Your heart.

This year, we urge you to Find a bench. Fall in love.

While other cities around the world celebrate the stories told, the lives lived and the moments shared on benches, we hope to eventually increase the number of benches in our city so that someday we too can tell the stories that have unfolded upon them.

Sometimes you don’t need a restaurant or coffee shop, you just need a bench.

And so we invite you, the community, to contribute and join in the conversation by sharing the photos, images stories and thoughts that inspire you!

Please email all your bench moments, thoughts, photos, designs and/or stories to and we will upload them.

We want to hear all your thoughts.  This initiative is as big as you make it!

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