Bench inspired quotes or poems

Montreal – Mohamed Hamad

An inspiring message found on a park bench while I was out shooting in Parc La Fontaine in the Plateau area of Montreal.

Submitted by Mohamed Hamad

Lebanon – Lara Hajj


Here’s a quick cure for indifference:
Tunisian turquoise-painted window?

Egyptian-style wooden bench?
Palestinian hand-embroidered upholstery?
These lands of ongoing revolutions meet by luck & destiny in my atelier, TANTANA.

A destiny at the crossroads of peace & war: Beirut.
In today’s world where everything is globalized & uniform, TANTANA stands out!

It is a marriage of cultural creativity & contemporary style, executed with extreme attention to quality.

I found my bench, I fell in love..

Submitted by Lara Hajj

Bench quote – Eiko Fujita-Summers

‘Love is what makes two people sit in the midde of a bench when there is plenty of room at both ends’  Anonymous.

(Submitted by Eiko Fujita-Summers)

About the s*uce benches project

Every year s*uce launches an initiative that gets people thinking about the kind of love that transcends flowers, diamonds, chocolates and candy. (Though those are by all means very lovely and extremely important things).

A few years ago we thought about how Trees Need Love Too, and launched a green campaign (unleashing the tree huggers within), and last year we suggested 10 ways to Unlock Your heart.

This year, we urge you to Find a bench. Fall in love.

While other cities around the world celebrate the stories told, the lives lived and the moments shared on benches, we hope to eventually increase the number of benches in our city so that someday we too can tell the stories that have unfolded upon them.

Sometimes you don’t need a restaurant or coffee shop, you just need a bench.

And so we invite you, the community, to contribute and join in the conversation by sharing the photos, images stories and thoughts that inspire you!

Please email all your bench moments, thoughts, photos, designs and/or stories to and we will upload them.

We want to hear all your thoughts.  This initiative is as big as you make it!

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